Healthcare Cost Management – Cost Containment

Keeping health care costs down has long been a pressing issue for Unions and Labor Funds. We understand that excessive and inappropriate billing and medical treatment can be extremely costly for members and detrimental for health funds if not managed properly. For this reason, we have put a range of processes in place to ensure the cost of medical care is managed appropriately:

Network Management

Provide access to 50+ networks across the country, leveraging the deepest discounts.

Reference Based Pricing

Maximize plan savings while keeping balance billing low and providing minimal network limitations for your membership.

Claims Editing

Customize claim edits tailored to our clients’ needs while maximizing automated savings and based on plan design.

High Dollar Bill Review

Leverage experienced nurses and clinicians of all specialties to perform line by line audits of high dollar claims for inaccuracies and inappropriate billing practices.


Trained negotiators utilize proprietary mechanisms to secure savings with providers. Discounts are always secured with less than 1% of claims being appealed.

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