Union Benefit Planners can help keep your Health Insurance shopping experience Simple and Smart.

This private healthcare marketplace helps individuals quote, compare, and apply for the following Health Insurance products:

  • Major Medical Insurance
  • Dental, Vision, & Hearing
  • Comprehensive Accident Medical
  • Short Term Medical
  • Hospital, Surgery, X-rays, Labs
  • Tele-medicine/therapy
  • Prescription Drug


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Rx Advantage provides discounts up to 75% off the retail cost of the medication

How the RxAdvantageCard Works:

  • The RxAdvantageCard is a FREE and EASY way to SAVE MONEY on prescriptions.
  • One RxAdvantageCard covers the entire family.
  • RxAdvantage is accepted at all major chains and most independents.
  • RxAdvantage provides savings up to 75% off retail cost.
  • There is no paperwork with RxAdvantage. Your card is ready-to-use immediately.
  • RxAdvantage offers average savings of 54%.

RX Discount Card

With the RxAdvantage Card, you have access to significantly discounted prices on everyday drugs It’s free, easy to join, simple to use and recognized by a network of over 60 000 pharmacies nationwide So, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with affordable prescriptions The RxAdvantage


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